Playing Your Do’s: 4 Steps to Success in PR

Public Relations has experienced several seismic shifts over the last decade, and these shifts have had dramatic impact on small business owners that have to wear the occasional PR hat.

These shifts started with the explosive growth of the Internet as a publishing platform, ushering in news on demand and 24/7 news cycles. Most recently, the Web 2.0 revolution, sparked by engagement tools such as blogs, social networks and microblogs, changed the role of PR further, and forever.

Most of this change has been good — because of Web 2.0’s ability to create engagement and dialogue between individuals, coupled with our innate drive to connect and be “social” (witness the historic growth of Facebook), PR is as much about listening and engaging today as it is creating or influencing content.

But even with these major changes, basic principles, those which have been core to the true art of PR, have not changed — call them the “Do’s” of PR. They’re not guarantees for coverage, but, they will get you a lot further in the long run than short PR “spins” around the marketing block.

Here (in no certain order) are 4 Do’s for small business owners who want to be successful in PR:

DO be Genuine: Somewhere along the way, the practice of PR got tangled up with a perception of shifty-ness. The image of the “PR Man” (see right) as a snake-oil selling shyster in movies and on TV became a staple. Today, in the competitive marketplace and era of transparency (see next bullet), you can’t pull the wool over the public’s eyes for long. It’s best to not even try. Take the high road in your approach to telling your story. Identify the core strengths of your brand and communicate that consistently. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.

DO be Transparent: If there was one sin most committed before Web 2.0, it was a lack of transparency in communications. Thankfully, the era of “Spin Doctors” — those who would hide behind alternate identities and twist the truth about a product or service without being caught — are over. Today, being transparent in your communications is the only way to go. Because … if you spin, and get caught, you can quickly be in PR crisis mode as a web-savvy public takes to Twitter and Facebook to call you out. And once a social community takes control of your brand (and message), it’s very difficult to regain visibility and trust. A recommendation: don’t use the word “spin” (ie “…how about we spin it this way…”) when talking to the media or others about your brand or service.

DO be Responsive: Even though “Relations” is part of their title, many public relations professionals are just the opposite. They shoot out impersonal blast emails and don’t return calls or requests from the media asking for more information. At the core, Publc Relations is all about managing relationships with your public(s) — including journalists, bloggers, customers, even vendors and the community. Being responsive to questions, requests, etc. will help you build a reputation as a thought leader in your market segment. By the way, because you can receive business calls at any number you designate (ie home, cell, home office), a virtual phone number is a great tool for responding quickly. And a virtual phone number like Global Call Forwarding allows you to return calls from your personal cell phone, with the caller ID at the other end showing as your business number (instead of your personal cell number), helping you present a responsible, professional image.

DO be Creative: It’s common to see a company with very engaging web and marketing materials shoot their marketing efforts in the foot because of a boring approach to PR. Example: a news release with a generic headline (“BobCo Launches New Widget”), written in a stuffy style and peppered with throw-away quotes from you or someone in your company. When considering a PR component to a business initiative, don’t forget to think creatively in your approach to generating interest. A creative hook in a press release will get you a lot further than a “yell and sell” approach.

Stay tuned for more on the subject of PR. Next time, we’ll discuss some ways you can use social media to enhance your overall marketing efforts.


Build An Income With A Business Opportunity On the Web

There are many online business offerings currently which promise that will help you make money online. What in case you do today to select one?

Below are great tips that will help you with the decision.

1. Find a business opportunity on-line that truly makes dollars. This isn’t hard to do. In case the business opportunity has products which you might basically are interested to buy, then this can be an excellent opportunity for you.

2. Find out a niche market which will choose the business opportunity you may have preferred. You could possibly offer frying pots and pans, yet your buyers will feel you allow away quality recipes designed to use a frying pan, and you also advise an excellent frying pan to work with!

3. Making Money With A Business Opportunity on-line that truly has a internet site. Some business opportunities really provide a website for you to use. Use it! A lot less work on your part and you can completely focus as opposed to bringing in website visitors.

4. Don’t join a business opportunity that pledges you may generate income but doesn’t have goods. In case the only items you do for the business opportunity is sign up other folks for the business opportunity, This isn’t a wonderful way to make money.

5. Require a take a step back for just a moment and check out the current market. Is it possible to compete with the other firms around? There may be usually a method however if you’re planning to end up being the up coming Wal-Mart, there is no way you’ll allow it to be. As an alternative, try to be the most effective detergent generating company or whatever you’ve establish your desired goals to.

6. Study other folks within the business opportunity you are looking at and ask them how much money they make at it. Ask them how organization appears to go. Don’t ask one person, question several or up to you may get your hands on.

7. Before signing up for any business opportunity regarding the company and also the products, check with people. If many people have experienced a poor encounter throughout with this organization, why would you want to sign up for it?

8. Make sure that once you do get involved with a business opportunity that you just don’t just sign-up and do nothing at all along with it. You should try to make your funds you desire with that business opportunity.

9. Take in a consultant that will help you along with your first steps. It might be an extra costs but it really will sure help you as you go along.

10. Make sure to do what it is for you to do. Don’t get swallowed up in the hoopla. Don’t sign up to it In the event you won’t purchase it. Acquire a day or two to take into account a business opportunity you simply heard of before taking the next phase.

All in all, believe in gut instincts. It almost certainly is that if it may sound as well excellent to be true.


Beginning an Internet Business – Why Every Person Appears to be Doing The Work


Can it manage to you as though anyone surrounding you is either speaking about or beginning an internet business? With the condition of the economy and lots of organizations reducing benefits and annual raises it’s most likely not a surprise for your needs.

Nevertheless if you are not knowledgeable about the world wide web or internet marketing, and you’re gladly utilized or economically stable…why do you even think about beginning an internet business?

Nicely We have a key for yourself and…here you go, you don’t require any web marketing practical experience to create a successful online organization and get a way of life that many can only imagine.

If any one of these resonate along with you, subsequent are the primary good reasons many people are sometimes referring to it or really doing the work, see:

The web is an important market (the world) and it’s acquiring greater as you study these words

Based on the Personal computer Business Almanac, there were 1.59 Billion Online users in 2008; so we could start to see the 2 Billion tag by 2012. Now, could there be any doubt a 1.59 Billion-end user pool area is definitely a attractive goal given the leverage you may have online?


Why Should You Bother With a Call Forwarding Number?

When I called my call forwarding service to ask about getting a call forwarding number, I was quoted a price-per-minute. I was a bit taken aback by that, to be sure – here it is, 2015, and they want me to pay by the minute? When someone calls me? Are they crazy? I knew there had to be a better way…

As every entrepreneur knows, the secret to keeping a business afloat is cash flow. Cash is the lifeblood of young business, and there are plenty of things we’d all rather spend it on than a large, unexpected phone bill. With a good call forwarding service, this will never – and can never – happen. With Global Call Forwarding the basic service is $14.95 per month, period. No service fees, surcharges, usage fees are ever charged.

Why Should You Bother With a Call Forwarding Number?

Credibility – Customers form an opinion of your business before they ever speak to you. Do you want them to see you as “some local guy with a cellphone,” or would you prefer them to see you as a stable, established company with a vanity call forwarding number and professional automated phone system?

Increase Conversions – If you sell a product online, you should know that many customers will seek a means of contacting you before ordering a product. Giving them an easy way to do so gives a huge boost of confidence, which directly leads to increased sales.

Lower Costs Due To Returns – Have a upset customer? We’ve all had them. By giving that customer a way to quickly and easily get a hold of someone in your company, you gain one more chance to satisfy them without incurring the expense of a return and possible replacement.

Leverage Existing Business – Each time a customer contacts you, there is an opportunity to up-sell them to a new product or service. Making it as easy as possible for your customers to interact with you will only help in providing more of these opportunities. Every customer contact is a potential sale!

Longevity – Have you ever considered what would happen if you moved, or changed phone service providers? All of your ads would have your old phone number, as would your business cards, letterhead, invoices, website… the list goes on. Avoid the cost, hassle, and missed business by obtaining a vanity call forwarding number from the right call forwarding company!


Top companies rely on vanity call forwarding services to stand out

Sometimes, when you’re thinking about your next marketing campaign or wondering about a way to get more customers, it’s natural to take a look at what other successful companies are doing. After all, any huge, successful corporation that can afford big time advertising agencies to help them out must be doing something right, right?

When it comes to your phone number, you might consider taking a hint from some of the top businesses and how they choose to market themselves.

Here are some examples of top companies that are well-known among consumers, and the call forwarding numbers that they use in their advertising and promotional pieces to get noticed by customers:

  • UPS: 1-800-Pick-UPS
  • Federal Express: 1-800-Go-Fedex
  • DHL: 1-800-Call-DHL
  • Exxon Mobile: 877-MY-Exxon; 866-My-Mobil
  • Citigroup: 877-7-Redeem
  • Hewlett-Packard: 800-HP-Invent
  • State Farm Insurance: 877-SF4-Bank
  • Pfizer: 800-Try-First
  • Microsoft Corp: 800-Microsoft
  • Safeway Inc: 877-Safeway
  • Best Buy: 888-Best-Buy
  • 3M Company: 888-3M-Helps
  • Gap, Inc.: 800-Gap-Style
  • Xerox Corp: 800-Ask-Xerox
  • Anheuser-Busch Company: 800-Dial-Bud
  • Staples: 800-3-Staple
  • Ely Lilly Co.: 800-Lilly-RX
  • Yellow Pages: 1-800-Y-B-Yellow
  • Comcast: 1-800-COMCAST
  • Dell: 1-800-915-DELL

Marketing Strategy How It Is, and Also Precisely

Marketing strategy may be the principal key to enterprise success. The No. One particular reason businesses are unsuccessful is that they never make sufficient income. And the Absolutely no. 1 reason they don’t really create adequate financial resources are they never sufficiently recognize and use effective marketing strategy. Marketing strategy offers these highly effective rewards:

– Paying attention your own resources and efforts on the very best options for fulfillment

– Honing your own cut-throat benefit which means that your company is more advanced than your competitors’ with techniques which matter for you to buyers

– Improving the income of the company better when compared with some other means

– Uniting the particular control crew to everyone take in the very same course, maximizing good results

Supplying the brand name any better emphasis so it will improve known available on the market.